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The problems and our solutions

Problem n°1

The consumption mode is in full digital transformation and some areas suffer from a total anarchy.


Solution n°1

To bring innovative and easy to perceive solutions to the general public by making all our partner products visible by theme on a single platform

Problem n°2

Cryptocurrency appears today as a financial niche but does not offer solutions concretely linked to the commercial market.


Solution n°2

Our crytpomonnaie has for vocation to become a performance tool but also to concretely reward our customers users.

Problem n°3

Few crypto-currencies occupy the field of the average user, and suffer from a lack of knowledge and lack of education of an elitist image.


Solution n°3

Offer a new image to the world of cryptocurrency by involving all users with a simplified and efficient reward system.

Incubator & Projects

The heart of our system

Our platform aims to present the innovation programs implemented by Oblichain and its business partners, highlighting the R&D and the complete management tools allowing to have a quick visibility on the progress and profitability of our products.

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Available on: 15/03/2021

- PROMAP VR is a tool dedicated to professionals whose goal is to promote jobs in tension by geo-localizing them.

- All in E-conf is a fully interactive 3D webinar dedicated to professionals wishing to produce an event like a trade show, entirely virtual and therefore customizable, and usable on all media. (see the site)

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Available on: 15/03/2021

Good Life is a system of discovery of the world in digital immersion for the benefit of people weakened by life. The application allows you to discover cultural spaces.(see the site)

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Available on: 15/07/2021

Mainly in the field of real estate, the last few months have confirmed a tendency to harden the obtaining of bank loans, while at the same time the customers have never had so much savings. Our objective is to put an end to the loss of funds linked to real estate transactions thanks to the cryptographic tool.(see the site)

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Available on: 15/03/2021
GRP eSport

GRP eSport is a site of reference of all the information dedicated to the world of the professional or amateur Esport (see the site)

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