The problems and our solutions

Problem n°1

The consumption mode is in full digital transformation and some areas suffer from a total anarchy.


Solution n°1

To bring innovative and easy to perceive solutions to the general public by making all our partner products visible by theme on a single platform

Problem n°2

Cryptocurrency appears today as a financial niche but does not offer solutions concretely linked to the commercial market.


Solution n°2

Our crytpomonnaie has for vocation to become a performance tool but also to concretely reward our customers users.

Problem n°3

Few crypto-currencies occupy the field of the average user, and suffer from a lack of knowledge and lack of education of an elitist image.


Solution n°3

Offer a new image to the world of cryptocurrency by involving all users with a simplified and efficient reward system.

Incubator & Projects

The heart of our system

Our platform aims to present the innovation programs implemented by Oblichain and its business partners, highlighting the R&D and the complete management tools allowing to have a quick visibility on the progress and profitability of our products.

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