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Token Allocation

Token Allocation

OBC Token information:

Total Token Supply: 380,000,000 OBC
Allocation of the Public Sale: 171 000 000 OBC
Public Price: 0.06 $ / OBC

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Team Oblichain

Arnaud Couvidou
Arnaud CouvidouCEO
Former Military Controller, President and CEO of VR-Initiative, Director of PROMAP VR
Tom Escalle
Tom EscalleCOO
Business Manager, Managing Director of VR-Initiative, COO of Oblichain
Alexis Breuil
Alexis BreuilHead of Development
Thierryc Guillerme
Thierryc GuillermeGraphic designer
Rémi Antoine
Rémi AntoineApplication developer
VictoriaMarketing et Communication
Patrick Zermatten
Patrick ZermattenFinancial Advisor
Céline Soubra
Céline SoubraDeputy Director | Business Manager


Economic risk

Risk of partial or total loss of the investment :

During the public fundraising (excluding the pre-sale), if the pre-sale does not reach its objective (Softcap not reached and end date over), the subscribers will be immediately refunded the full amount of their subscriptions minus the blockchain transaction fees of the equivalent in Ether of a few cents of Euros.

During the pre-sale, if the fundraising does not reach its objective (the end date of the pre-sale is passed and the SoftCap is not reached), the reservation of the OBC tokens remains until the end of the public fundraising (Softcap reached and end date passed or as soon as the Hard cap is reached), if the public fundraising is a failure (softcap not reached and end date passed), the risk is the TOTAL loss of the investment during the private sales, no refund can be made,

Despite all the efforts made to reach our performance objectives, the conduct of a project and the operation of any company present risks among which are the partial or total loss of the invested capital, or the lack of valuation after the investment, as well as risks specific to the project activity as detailed in the present information document.

Consequently, subscribers could lose all or part of the investment made.

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